Young Scientists Become Publishers


I decided I wanted to get a 3D printer for our classroom. Instead of only making a donorschoose or gofund me site to raise the money I wanted the students to be involved. I decided that we would incorporate what we were learning about volcanoes & earthquakes and I would have the students make a magazines about one of those topics and sell it at open house. Since I am working with 6th graders I knew I needed to be VERY organized with my approach to the assignment, I also needed to be very clear about my expectations. Here is how I approached the assignment:

1) I assigned the students into groups of 4-5, I wanted everyone to be included at all times so I didn’t want the groups too large.

2) I created an overview paper that explained EXACTLY what they were expected to produce. I walked them through this paper and had them choose an Editor-in-Chief who would make all final decision when the group could not agree on a course of action.

3) Students were given a break down of what must be one each page and they assigned one another to various pages.

4) I gave the students one day where all they could do is research for their assigned pages. Looking back I would probably increase this to 2 days.

5) The groups picked what magazines template they wanted to work with from the free Google App Lucidpress. The editor-in-chief added group members as collaborators so they could all work on the magazine at the same time from different computers.

6) Students were given a week of in class time to complete the magazines and they were ordered through

The open house fundraiser what a success as we raised $1,000! Here are some of my students feedback from the form they filled out at the conclusion of the project.

Volcano Magazine Project Scientific Method Magazine Overview (1)


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