Save The Environment with 3D Printing Unit


So we got our 3D printer! We raised a little over $1,000 by selling our magazines at open house and then with the help of a GoFundMe campaign we raised the $3,000 we needed for many rolls of filament. This is a quick overview of the project my students completed and what I used during each phase.

First thing I did was create a calendar for the students, which they were given on Day 1. The unit began with the students learning how to design in 3D with a free program on Once students completed the course I assigned them to groups on Day 4 and they began to read an article about how 3D printing can positively affect the environment. I explained to the groups they are now tasked with creating a business that can create a 3D printable product which will help save the environment. After reflecting on this article they began to discuss what their group would like to design to help impact the environment on Day 5.

I then taught them how to use the Ultimaker 2 program Cura and they began to refine their designs for their product. I tasked each student with completing their own individual product and then their group cam together at the end of the week and voted on the product they wanted to move forward with. Once the product was finalized they created a website and brochure for their business. Once their marketing was set up and complete they began writing a business plan – the groups met and decided which members would be a part of each section of the business plan.

The Unit ended with the groups coming up with a TED-style talk about what they have learned over the past 5 weeks. This was also a time where we were able to display their business plans and 3D printed items. What made the presentations even better was that my district helped me to stream the presentations on Youtube so parents could watch their students TED-style talk while they were at work.

And just like that school was out!

Resources: 3D Printing Project Overview


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