New year, New goals.


So the year has started and that has led me to think of what are some goals I have for this school year. I think last year was a very successful first year at my new (and hopefully last) district. However I think I can always do better, so this year I will!

Goal #1 – Network & Present

I have realized that networking is a beautiful thing. Mainly because I have soooo many ideas in my head but I have no idea of how to make the dream in my head into a reality. Networking helps – a lot! I love the Bill Nye quote that says “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” That is so true – and instead of working myself to burn out I have found that it is more efficient to find colleagues across the world and grow our instruction together. Twitter is a great melting pot of ideas and I have found that it is a great place to share and get resources. Sharing my projects and ideas has been challenging with the limitations of twitter which is why I have started this blog. I also want to present at a conference to help increase my network of educators who have the same interests as myself.

Goal #2 – Make Coding Relevant

I have found that even though students love what coding can do for their future, they need some type of ‘project’ to wrap all of their learning up in. This year my 6th graders will be using CodeAcademy to learn Python. This past summer I bought a Raspberry Pi and it is my goal to get a class set of them through a grant from our district. I then want to use the Pi’s to incorporate the programming they have learned so far in the year. I also love all of the free resources on the Raspberry Pi website. My goal is to hold a Jam of educators in the LA area who are all interested in using and incorporating Raspberry Pi’s into their curriculum or just daily life.

Goal #3 – Incorporate 3D printing into at least 2 more Units

I currently have a 3D printing unit that is at the end of the school year. It is my goal to incorporate 3D printing even more into my curriculum and include some of the NGSS engineering standards (designing models, computational thinking, planning and carrying out investigations). I’m not sure which units I want to do this but I figure the year has just started so I have a few months to plan and figure this out.

Well those are my goals – what are yous?


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  1. Bradley

    Courtney, you have AWESOME goals for the year! I would love to swing by your room sometime and see everything in action. Keep taking risks : )


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