Hack the Pi – Day 2 Review

Now that the second day is over I have a better understanding of the Pi in general, and how my Makerdays will be organized. There were less issues that popped up – yay!! The issues that did pop up I think I found resolutions for.

Issues & Solutions

Issue #1: When a period would unplug the pi to put everything away, the next period would come in and for many of the Pi’s it would ask them to go into recovery mode and they would have to re-download the iOS. I COULD NOT figure this out.

Solution: I realized the Pi’s were not getting shutdown the proper way, so this probably contributed GREATLY to why we continued to have these forced recovery of the iOS. Although we can shutdown on the start menu I wanted my students to use programming language whenever possible. Before they clean-up their station they now open Terminal and type in: sudo shutdown now. This has resolved the issue we had and the pi’s now load straight to the desktop once powered on. Yay!!

Issue #2: Once the Pi’s are powered down the correct way, students would still see the grey recovery mode screen when they powered the Pi up and they would hold down the shift key which would force them to re-download the iOS.

Solution: I had to explain to the students this screen will ALWAYS show. They only need to hold down the shift key if they power the Pi up & the screen freezes. Once they stopped holding shift every time they saw the grey screen the problem was resolved.

How I am keeping Track of Which Hack students are on?

Once I realized that all of the groups would be going at different paces I knew I needed a way to keep track of which Hack each group is currently on. I decided to print out attendance sheets for each period, instead of having the date listed at the top I just left it blank. On the top I filled in the name of each hack.

When students complete a hack they call me over to check their work and then I mark them off on the sheet. They are then allowed to move on to the next Hack. This has helped me TREMENDOUSLY because now I can easily glance and see which groups are behind and observe them to see where they are getting stuck. It allows me to better allocate where my time should be spent!

Well that sums up Hack the Pi – Day 2, please come back for future posts to see how we progress using Raspberry Pi in our classroom. Below you can see pictures as my students begin to use Python 3 on the Raspberry Pi, as well as a link to my second video.

Day 2 Video – Click Here


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