Hack the Pi Review – Days 4-6


Our Hack the Pi series is going SO well, I love that I am in a natural groove now so the days are no longer hard to manage. What is also working very well is groups being able to go at their own pace. It’s nice because my students are all at so many different ranges in their computer science abilities, since its not a strict timeline students do not feel pressured or stressed about completing the hack quickly. I want them to enjoy computer science so I am trying to make the overall experience as fun as possible.

Issues for these days: 

Issue #1: Minecraft was not installed on all of the Raspberry Pi’s. Obviously this is something that I should have checked beforehand  – however I just assumed the Pi 2B’s and B+’s all had Minecraft installed.

Solution #1: I told the students to use their computer scientist skills and download & install Minecraft on the Pi’s. This was a surprisingly easy task for them to do! They all figured it out fairly quickly.

Issue #2 – Raspberry Pi power cords breaking.

Solution #2 – I warned the students that if the Pi doesn’t turn on for the next group that comes in then they will not be allowed to participate in the next Pi day. I explained how when they yank the cords out this ruins the cords and they no longer work. Since that announcement the students have been MUCH more careful regarding the Pi’s.

The issues I am having running these Hacks are getting fewer and far between which is an AMAZING thing! This past weekend I was able to attend Picademy and I had an AMAZING experience. I will detail it on my next blog post.


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